Omaha Beach Community Inc Omaha Beach, New Zealand
Previous Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Omaha Beach Community Inc. ("OBC") held at Omaha Beach Community Centre at 4.00pm on Monday 3rd January 2011


  • President Graham Painter (Chair); Committee Members Kim Fisher (Treasurer), Judy O’Callahan (Secretary), Chris Allan, Mike Campbell (OBRS representative), Roger Donald, Trish Jackson, Glenys McBain, Steve Marshall, Belinda Thomas
  • Councillor, Penny Webster; Local Board Member June Turner; John Williams; Dr Roger Grace
  • 50 other members


The Chairman welcomed members and Councillor Penny Webster, Local Board member June Turner, John Williams and Dr Roger Grace.


Merv & Heather Dry; Martin Ilott & Tony McAnulty, Larry & Bridget Allen, Paul & Lynette Subritzky, Liz & Phil Winstone, Richard Harris, Giles & Jeanette Boyd, David Hanson, Ken Meiklejohn, Cathie Gould. [Received subsequently: Tracey Martin]
Motion: That apologies be accepted.
Moved: Graham Painter Seconded: Trish Jackson
Motion carried


Agreed by the members present that minutes of the previous AGM held 3 January 2010, available on website throughout the year, be taken as read. No matters were raised in relation to the minutes.
Motion: That these minutes be accepted as a true and accurate record.
Moved: Judy O'Callahan Seconded: Mike Campbell
Motion Carried


President, Graham Painter, noted that his report was published in the December newsletter which was posted to all financial members. He

  • Introduced members of the committee, noting that it is not a 'one-man band’; people ‘get on and do their jobs’;
  • Thanked committee members for all their work, outlining the key areas of involvement of each member and sub-committee member;
  • Recognised the involvement of other members of the community for their support in different areas: Chris Martin, Richard & Jeremy Brabant, Ian Hutchinson, Brian Latimour, Kerry Connelly, Carolyn Howden, Cathy Gould, Denis O’Callahan;
  • Noted OBC’s support for local environmental groups: Whangateau Harbour Care group (re cockles) and Shorebird Protection Group (including $5k grant toward predator fence);
  • Stressed the importance of having members’ contact details, including email, on OBC database;
  • Noted the committee receives significant numbers of emails from members on matters of concern and attempts to respond to every matter raised; and asked members to follow-up any non-response.

Motion: That the President's report be accepted.
Moved: Graham Painter Seconded: Glenys McBain
Motion Carried


Treasurer Kim Fisher referred to the accounts included in the December newsletter, outlining main revenue and expenditure items and grants made, and to OBC’s satisfactory financial position. Questions were invited, but none were put.

Motion:That the 2010 accounts be adopted.
Moved: Kim Fisher Seconded: Chris Allan
Motion Carried


The Treasurer reiterated the reasons given at the January 2010 Annual Meeting for the change from an Audit to a Review Engagement and acknowledged the work done by Hayes Knight in reviewing the 2010 accounts.

Motion: That Hayes Knight be re-appointed to conduct a Review Engagement of the 2011 accounts.
Moved: Kim Fisher Seconded:Chris Allan
Motion Carried


The Treasurer outlined the uses to which OBC’s existing funds and those provided from 2011 subscriptions could be put / are likely to be needed. He noted the Engagement Reviewer’s recommendations that OBC register for GST, having now exceeded the trigger point. OBC has agreed to do this effective 1 November 2010. In conjunction with these matters the committee considers it prudent to recommend a small increase in both the subscription and the security levy, neither of which have been increased for some years.

Discussion included various security matters.

The Committee recommended that subscriptions for the 2011 year be set at $27 (inclusive of GST), increased from $25, and the Security Levy at $23 (inclusive of GST), increased from $20, making a total of $50 for the two items.

Motion: That there being 10 nominations in addition to the two representatives from OBRS (Mike Campbell and Steve Marshall) and no other nominations, these nominees be duly elected committee members of Omaha Beach Community Inc for the 2011 year.
Moved: Judy O’Callahan Seconded: Belinda Thomas
Motion Carried

The President thanked retiring committee members Judy O’Callahan and Belinda Thomas for their contributions.


Golf Club

The Golf Club report was in the newsletter and there were no questions for its president, Steve Marshall.


Gaye Roberts presented the Club’s report, noting the Club’s sound financial position, the excellent playing condition of the greens, and the desire for more community support. She outlined incentives to encourage more community participation and provided phone numbers for club contacts Brian (422 9899), Giles (422 7392) and Tony (422 7085).

Surf Life Saving Club

John Williams, club president and local Youth Aid officer, after commenting on the policing aspects of what turned out to be a quiet New Year’s Eve at Omaha Beach and drawing attention to the club’s fund raising event on 7 January, described the club’s significant progress in 2010. He thanked Ian Hutchinson for work done, RDC and then Mayor Penny Webster who supported everything he asked them to do, and the OBC President for assistance during the construction phase of the clubroom / deck upgrade.

He advised that the community has open access to the Surf Club venue and can use it for functions free of charge. The club’s vision is “they provide a hub that’s a safe place for kids to be” – and they now have many volunteers, young lifeguards and “good adults” running it. It has 170 juniors and will have 39 active patrolling lifeguards by the end of this season. The club appreciates the support Omaha gives them and they’re putting this back into the community.


Security, Rubbish and Vehicles on Dunes / Walkways

No issues raised.

Boat Ramp

  • There are ongoing issues with the boat ramp and this will be taken up with the new council; more facilities have to be provided.
  • The recently-installed bollards seem to be working and centre parking has changed a bit. For the first time, overflow parking appears to be more orderly.
  • Observations and suggestions during discussion included
    • Parking is for cars with trailers only; signage needed;
    • Time to start a boat club / register boats, jet skis etc - through OBC – for exclusive use of ramp?
    • Slipperiness of ramp – Council needs to waterblast it - at beginning of season;
    • Need for courtesy and safety on ramp; issues re boats driven on to trailers; signs needed?
    • Outrigger canoes – storage.
  • Trucks accessing properties from the estuary foreshore: ongoing problem. Council gives approval but ‘shrugs its shoulders’ over damage caused. OBC will continue to take this up; public reserves should not be treated as they are here.


Resolved. LIMS of the 41 affected properties are basically to have a note along lines of “there may be potential for inundation in 50 years’ time if sea levels rise…”. OBC has commitment from Council for review in 10 years. OBC thanks Richard and Jeremy Brabant for their work.

Stormwater and Wastewater

  • Stormwater: ongoing. The President reiterated points made at the November Planning Forum [refer minutes on website]. A discussion paper has been sent from RDC to Auckland City and OBC will continue to fight. OBC’s objective is still to remove the stormwater rate here.
  • Concern was raised over flooding around driveways and the President noted the issue with swales at the southern end: they have not been maintained and as a result will need “serious expenditure”, potentially up to $50k - $100k per swale.
  • Wastewater (distinct from stormwater): two separate charges: ‘Utility Charge’ which has been part of RDC’s rates bill every year, and ‘Usage Charge, (formerly ‘Pan Charge’) billed by RDC as “Wastewater Fixed Usage Charge” since the 2009/10 rates year, and most recently by Watercare. OBC is following up issue of the ‘Usage Charge’ being applied to empty sections; Councillor Webster agrees this should not apply.
  • Omaha’s Usage Charge is fixed because we have no council-supplied water and no water meters. OBC did submit at the time ‘user pays’ was introduced that metering should be considered. A member suggested OBC follow up what happens on Waiheke Island.

Omaha Taniko Wetlands (Kahikatea) Scientific Reserve Walkway

OBC intends to make this a primary project for 2011. Funding (approx $100k) is now a primary task, and the President asked members to let the committee know of any avenues to pursue.


Denis O’Callahan reported on behalf of the Omaha Shorebird Protection Trust (OSPT) whose members were unable to attend. He mentioned the various shorebirds which nest on the North Omaha Reserve; updated attendees on progress toward obtaining funding for a predator fence, thanking OBC and OBRS for their contributions; outlined the expected survival numbers for the current season; noted predators and other factors hazardous to the various birds’ survival; and commented on the dotterels which nested at Walkway 10, the eggs survived a month of incubation but the chicks less than a day.

OSPT leaflets and website have information. A member suggested OSPT go to the World Wildlife Fund for support. DOC has been approached; has no funding, but does provide resource.

Omaha Park

The President noted the judgement on costs has not yet been made. Kim Fisher advised that $620 had been spent in total: $140k for S274 appeal to join the hearing, and $480k for the hearing - $75k of which (for graphics) should have been borne by OPL and formed part of their presentation. 270 persons contributed a total of $290k and OBRS provided $330k. The President commented on the number of contributors and funds raised, noting we raised what we needed to, and we won.


Cockles & Mangroves
The President introduced Dr Roger Grace who described the cockle die-off observed in 2009 with over 80% of the main breeding stock lost, noticed because the normal scavengers could not deal with it which caused a “huge stink”. He advised there had been no detectable improvement as yet, citing percentages. This is of particular concern as Whangateau cockles are basically self-sustaining. The smaller cockles appear to be ‘holding their own’ but take an estimated 4-5 years to grow to breeding size, with those higher on the shore growing more slowly than those in deeper water.

The Whangateau Harbour Care Group (WHCG) is holding a Fun Day on 22 January with Glass Bottom Boat tours, guided snorkeling and guided walks.

The President referred to the Planning Forum and newsletters [refer website] in relation to the ‘mangrove issues’, with which OBC hasn’t been involved except as required, eg to follow up residents’ correspondence. He noted ARC’s plan / protocol, referred to WHCG’s ‘Point 10’ on mangrove control potential, and referred to local press asking for comment.

OBC does not support wholesale removal of mangroves but intends to have a subcommittee consider the ARC protocol; volunteers welcome for subcommittee. OBC will then meet with WHCG, discuss the issue and come back to members. OBC acknowledges mangroves do provide a benefit but they do also contribute to sediment.

The new Civil Defence coordinator for this area has acknowledged that all escape routes outlined in the evacuation plan distributed in 2010 by RDC are both impractical and dangerous.

OBC’s tsunami sub-committee is working up a management plan with Civil Defence. This will take into account property height above sea level, anticipated wave effect, likely severity, likely arrival time in relation to tide etc. Hutchinson Consultants have assisted, developing a contour plan with 2.5m increments; when the plan is finalised each resident will be able to see their property height above sea level, and nearest high ground.

Councillor Webster suggested asking Civil Defence to look at the Cooks Beach plan.

Omaha Beach Club / Community Centre: Maintenance
The President noted OBC has received various communications about this. While it’s clearly a contracted responsibility of the Golf Club, OBC will initiate, at OBC’s cost, an independent building survey to identify structural and/or maintenance issues likely to arise over the next few years. OBC will also meet with the new Golf Club committee to discuss issues and hopefully prepare a maintenance management plan and agree what needs to be done over the next 12 months.

The President explained for the sake of record that OBC has the lease from the Council and the Golf Club has a contractual management agreement with OBC. The Golf Club has free use of the community centre, but is required to contribute $5k annually for structural and external maintenance requirements. These contributions constitute the “CCMF” (Community Centre Maintenance Fund). As a consequence of using the community centre the Golf Club derives substantial revenue and other operating benefits from the use of facilities including care, bar, admin and starters offices.

During considerable discussion on this matter differing views were presented and points made in relation to the respective responsibilities of OBC and OBGC, the contracts in place and their current relevance. To the suggestion that the CCMF would not be enough for major expenses over a long period and Council would then be required to provide fallback funding Councillor Webster warned that if the Centre was Council-owned there would be an advisory committee, nothing would get done, and the Centre would very likely be closed.


  • A member asked that the request for a footpath on the Eastern side of Omaha Drive be minuted. Councillor Webster commented that when this was raised in earlier years residents could not agree.
  • A member stated that he and others do not want the Taniko walkway, and suggested all OBC members be surveyed for their views as “only a minority attend Planning Forums and AGM’s”. Dr Grace commented that WHCG doesn’t consider a walkway through a scientific reserve appropriate.
  • The President noted that a) money has to be raised for the Taniko walkway; b) RDC has dealt with the problems on the northern-end walkways which were raised at last year’s meetings and c) the community would take ownership and would do better than DOC has in looking after this ‘scientific reserve’.
  • A member asked what plans were in hand to have the name “Omaha Beach Club” on outside and inside signage. The President advised this was a Centre management matter, not for OBC.


The Chairman thanked attendees and the meeting closed at 6pm.