Omaha Beach Community Inc Omaha Beach, New Zealand
Special Meetings of Members

Minutes - Special Meeting of Members 22 March 2008 (28/3/08)

Minutes of the Special Meeting of Members of Omaha Beach Community Inc. ("OBC") held at Omaha Beach Community Centre at 4.00pm on Saturday, 22 March 2008


President Graham Painter (chair), Vice-President Merv Dry, Treasurer Kim Fisher, Secretary Judy O'Callahan, Committee members Chris Allan, Steve Marshall, Belinda Thomas.

Approximately 340 other members.


Committee members Nick Mantell, Greg Stenbeck and in writing from 13 other members.


Meeting commenced 4.08pm as a consequence of clearing the queue waiting to enter the hall.

The Chairman welcomed those present and thanked them for attending. He noted that this was a special meeting for members and that arrangements had been agreed with the journalist representing "Mahurangi Matters" in relation to reporting of members' input.


  • Rates and proposed increases
    • Numbers of members have asked that OBC make a submission to Rodney District Council ("RDC")
    • Committee members are examining the council's Draft Plan;
    • OBC intend to meet with the RDC Mayor and new CEO;
    • OBC will be making a submission against the proposed increases and will attend the hearing and speak in support of the submission;
    • The committee will report to members when there is something to report.


  • Storm water charges
    • We have a legal opinion to the effect that ratepayers can not be charged for services that are not provided and we will take this up with RDC.


  • Cycleway / Walkway over Broadlands Bridge (causeway) can be seen to be well underway and nearing completion.


  • Walkways
    • Matakana Community Group has now gained almost 100% approval for use of land required for the Matakana-to-causeway walk.
    • OBC committee members had a very positive meeting with a representative of Department of Conservation about a 'wetlands walk'; we will report on this as matters develop


  • The Chairman introduced himself (OBC President), Chris Allan (OBC committee member and Partner, Grove Darlow, instructing solicitors) and Paul Dale (Barrister being instructed on certain matters and Pt Wells resident), and presented an apology from Richard Brabant (Environment Law Barrister and Omaha Beach resident).
  • The Chairman outlined the process undertaken in the selection of legal advisors, and noted that those advisors now involved on OBC's behalf were all involved in the 1998 Di Andre Estates subdivision proceedings.
  • The Chairman advised that the meeting would be opened up for questions at the end of the presentation.

Matters outlined to members by the panel:

  • Description of the area of land potentially affected by the Omaha Park development
  • Entities involved in the Omaha Park development proposal
  • Scale of proposed Seaview Village, southern end Omaha Beach including commercial centre and hotel on Te Kie Point
  • Impact of proposed Omaha Park development including on existing native bush regeneration, on population, on infrastructure (including beach access parking, boat ramp, Mangatawhiri Road and Broadlands Bridge traffic), on Whangateau estuary and on Omaha Beach property values
  • Omaha Park development status at Environment Court
  • Environment Court Section 274 Party Hearing (21 April)
  • OBC expert witnesses
  • Explanation by Paul Dale of southern end residents' restrictive covenants
  • Fundraising

The few questions asked from the floor were answered by the panel and related primarily to Section 274 status.


The Chairman thanked members for the "great turnout" and for their overwhelming support, and asked them to communicate with the committee on any matter of concern.

Meeting concluded 5.05pm with spontaneous applause.

Notice of Meeting 4pm Sat 22 March 2008 (10/3/08)

Notice is hereby given of a Special Meeting of Members of the Omaha Beach Community Inc to be held at the Omaha Beach Community Centre, North West Anchorage, Omaha Beach on Saturday 22nd of March 2008 at 4.00pm in the afternoon.

The meeting is called to advise members on action taken to date and future proposed action in opposition to Omaha Park Limited’s development proposals and issues that flow from these proposals. The committee will be able to answer questions from members in regard to the development and the Omaha Beach Community Inc. ongoing activity in this regard.

By way of background, the development opportunity proposed by Omaha Park Limited is of concern to the Omaha Beach Community and will affect land immediately to the south of the reserve, the wetland at the southern end of the existing Omaha Beach development and Te Kie Point. The zoning sought would enable the development of up to 830 residential units comprising of a combination of houses, town houses and apartments up to 9 metres (3 stories) in height and include a small commercial centre. On Te Kie Point, a 200 room hotel including restaurant, conference and other facilities is proposed.

To ensure that OBC members understand the location and impact of the proposed development, our consultants have overlaid the development on the plan of the existing plantings of native bush that is currently some 5-10 years old and was planted as a consequence of the Di Andre Estate development which was approved in 1998. We have included this overlay plan for your information.

Graham Painter
Omaha Beach Community Inc

7th March 2008